Heritage Window Restoration Workshops

heritage wood window restoration workshop

throughout the year based on demand

Instruction by Walter Furlan & Liz Duval

To take place outside at the back of the shop (whenever possible)

What you will learn:
  • Practical advice on the restoration of wood windows to homeowners.
  • Hands on demonstration of the restoration process including removal of sash, repairs, glass cutting, puttying, paining, installation. 
  • Understanding of technical practices related to the repair and maintenance of historic windows.  
  • Anatomy of heritage windows and their system. Sources of information for general advice on technical aspects of window conservation. Provide sources for materials related to the repair of wood windows.

cost: $350

limit of 6 people

(Refreshments and snacks will be provided)

Workshops are hosted through-out the year based on the registration list

If you would like to attend a future workshop register below to be notified




765, 767 & 769 Barton St E.

Hamilton, ON